The ArtWalk is a unique experience where patrons can purchase one-of-a-kind work in a wide array of styles and mediums by regional artists.


The ArtWalk


The ArtWalk is a unique experience in which Taste of St. Louis patrons can purchase one-of-a-kind works by more than 40 regional professional artists. Visitors get to view a wide array of artwork. The ArtWalk includes professional artists as well as emerging artists. All artists in the ArtWalk are juried, and three participants are awarded first, second and third place awards and prizes by our panel of judges each year. 

Congratulations to the 2016 ArtWalk Juried Award Winners:

1st Place: Jeane Vogel            2nd Place: Neil Brown           3rd place: Scott Clark

The 2016 ArtWalk Participants:

Allison Hake  •  Arleana Holtzmann  •   Bill Reidy  •  Charlene Waggoner  •  Christine Raquepaw  •  Christopher May  •  Courtney Humes  •  Diane Thaemert  •  Emilie Trent  •  Erin Alice Gray  •  Gelman, Poly  •  Impossibly cute hats (Carolyn Murfin)  •  Jay Thompson  •  Jay and Sherry Phillips  •  Jeane Vogel  •  Jenna McNair  •  Joyce Ann Marchand  •  Kellee Wright  •  Lisa Hilton  •  Marianne Baer  •  Matt Faupel-Missouri Nature Art  •  Neil Brown  •  Ocean Alexander  •  Pete Voss  •  Scott Clark  •  Serena Kojimoto  •  Sherry Day  •  The Reinhard Herzog Glass Studio LLC  •  Tim Kent-Moore

Emerging Artists:   Amanda Millman  •  Brendan Cody  •  Mary Geest  • Ping  •  Pratima Murali  •  Shilpa Rao