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Even though we celebrate the best of the region, including music, art, culture and kids at the Taste of St. Louis, the food and culinary talents are certainly the jewels of the event! The two most popular attractions are, without a doubt, Restaurant Row and the Culinary Stage.   


Where else can you get a taste of 30+ regional eateries, tasty beverages and desserts extraordinaire - all in one place? Read more about Restaurant Row.


The Chef Battle Royale has increasingly become a patron favorite and 2019 is sure to not disappoint! This year, the chef competition will take place outdoors on the Chef Battle Royale Stage.  

Photo by  P  roPhotoSTL

Photo by ProPhotoSTL


With a newly-founded bond between Taste and local organizations that focus on food quality and health and wellness, local vendors will have a chance to display their hard earned product and efforts. Samples, exhibits and displays will be readily available for your viewing and learning pleasure. 



Taste of STL not only offers some of the best St. Louis cuisine, but also amazing spirits, beer and wine. Who can make the best cocktail in St. Louis? Come find out at Taste! St. Louis beer lovers will be happy that not only can you get your favorite local AB products, but there will also be a large, local craft beer selection featuring some of STL’s finest breweries. Of course this will all be done with a minimal or no cost to the environment thanks to our festival sustainability program.